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  Drum or Silo/Tower Type Tea Blending Machines
  • Chandy John : The one premier source for world-class turnkey projects
  • From small and basic Tea Blending Machines
  • To state-of-the-art fully integrated and automated systems for Cleaning, Blending, Bulk Weighing and Packing of Tea very large batches
  • Tea Conveying, Distributing and Tea Flavouring Machines
  • All tailor-made to suit each Customer's specific requirements

Chandy John's expertise extends from conceptualization to planning, design, manufacture, supply, erection, commissioning and training in the operation of Tea Cleaning, Blending, Bulk Packing and Tea Flavouring Machines.

Chandy John's systems suit all types and grades of Green, CTC and Orthodox Teas including the long, wiry and difficult-to-flow Orthodox, OPA, OP1 and OP Teas with virtually with no breakage or graying.

Chandy John has over 45 years of hands-on experience in the Tea Blending and Tea Packing industry.

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